Below are some of the questions we get asked frequently. If you have a question that we haven’t answered below, please contact us.
We’ll be adding in more FAQs every month during this launch period. Feel free to suggest any questions that are not listed here already.

For Schools

Vendor PromShow is a local expo-format Trade Show designed to connect Prom Committees to the suppliers they need to hire for their Prom event. These vendors will have booths at the show, and Prom Committee Teachers and/or Students can go from booth-to-booth to meet and talk with the vendors that interest them. Our hope is that this face-to-face interaction helps Prom Committees make better hiring decisions, so that your Proms are that much more amazing.

For Vendors

For Year #1 (hopefully 2022, but we’ll let Covid recovery influence our choice of launch year), we intend on launching in King of Prussia PA (Philadephia metro) and also possibly Randolph MA (Boston metro). Bases on how these shows are received, we’ll launch new cities in the USA and Canada over the next 5-10 years.